13 November 2009

I win again

50,195 words.

I win. Again.

The 50,000th word of my novel for National Novel Writing Month 2009 is “I.” Which makes complete sense as the novel is written in first-person.

In fact, that might be an encapsulation of the difficulties and joys of writing this novel. This is the first novel I’ve written in first-person. I had previously only done a handful of short stories using this POV, but since one of those stories is the lead-in to this novel, the novel required that POV as well. Sometimes, getting so deep into the main character’s head is wonderful; the trouble is, I can’t actually get out of it either. Everything must come through the filter of her perceptions.

Here is the complete sentence where I hit the 50,000-word mark:
"Different how?" I knew why, but if I didn't ask, it would seem suspicious.
Last year, I reached this point in a café, but this year I was in the much less thrilling location of my apartment and sitting before my iMac.

The book still isn’t finished. It has at least another 25,000 words to go, but at this point I can feel the shift moving toward the finale. The last few days were the “hump” I have to struggle through with each book, filled with extreme frustrations, so I hope that the remaining noveling of the month will move smoothly toward the planned exciting conclusion.

Tonight, I celebrate with popcorn, champagne, and a double-feature of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Godzilla: Final Wars.

And tomorrow . . . onward!