03 November 2009

Novel-boosting movie scenes

First off, I crossed the 10,000 word-mark today for National Novel Writing Month, making for a great two-day start. I anticipate a busy week, so I wanted a strong head of steam going in. In general, a book goes better if I can get momentum worked up at the beginning, instead of having to fight to get it later. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the actual progress with a word-count widget on this blog yet, because the tech people at NaNoWriMo haven’t activated them yet because they have to deal with the most insane surge in site hits and sign-ups the event has ever experienced. I do hope that they’ll finally be able to turn the widgets on tomorrow—I really miss having the progress report glaring at me from on my website.

And, believe it or not, I have a Black Gate post for you today. It has a connection with NaNoWriMo, but without specific a mention. I’ve provided a list of my favorite movie scenes that I use for “inspiration” when it comes to writing a novel. Not necessarily story inspiration, just “get to it” inspiration. The Road Warrior contains ones of these scenes, as you might guess from the picture. (And you thought I would actually review The Road Warrior? A favorite film, but I think most of what can be said about it has been said. It’s the rare film that I love, but which I don’t feel like discussing at great length.)