16 November 2009

Book Review: Conan the Hunter

So right now I am at 58,600 words on my new novel. I’m moving at a steadier pace than the earlier, headier days of NaNoWriMo, and that’s positive for this part of the novel, where the pieces are coming together for the finale and the book has hit a rhythm that doesn’t need the faster run to keep it moving. I still expect around 75,000 words, but I sense the possibility of 80,000. Regardless, I should have it finished before November 30th.

And what about today’s Black Gate post? I dug a bit into my archives to find some reviews on Conan pastiches I’ve never published and found one: Conan the Hunter by Sean A. Moore. I’ve yet to publish a review of one of Moore’s Conan novels (he only wrote three), and now’s the time to fix that. So while I keep on focused on my book and three other writing projects that need finishing in the next few weeks (I’ll let you know more as the info because relevant), please enjoy another foray into the non-Howard Conan land and it’s pain and occasional joys.