26 December 2009

Day 10: Tutzing

There was not much to report during the last two days, which is why you may have noticed a sudden two-day leap in my numbering. Most of Germany shuts down for the holidays. The families stayed around the apartments, drank Gl├╝hwein and other specialties, and watched my nephew open his presents. His favorite gift is a wooden pull-toy of an alligator that undulates on uneven wheels as it moves along. He loves having my brother, my father, or me pursue him around the table with the clatter ‘gator racing behind—but he won’t accept his mother pulling the gator. If she tries to drag the alligator, Diego will take the toy’s string and give it to the nearest uncle or grandfather and demand “more” with his hand signals.

And there isn’t much to report today either. There was still very little open in Munich or Starnberg on the 26th. Tomorrow the museums are all open for only 1 Euro admission, so that’s where I’ll be headed.

Most of today we spent in the town of Tutzing, which lies on the south end of Lake Starnberg and is more quaint with its Bavarian architecture than the more modern suburb of Starnberg. Many restaurants were closed, and the few that were open had large crowds. We ended up at a pizzeria, and as I’ve said on my previous visits, Bavaria benefits from its proximity to Italy and had terrific pizza. The whole logistics of this trip only a few miles away were insanely difficult, a side-effect of traveling with an eighty-six year old and a sixteen-month-old.

See you tomorrow with more museum reports. It’s also my last full day in Munich; I’m flying out on the evening of the 28th, and arriving back in Los Angeles on the . . . night of the 28th. Nice how that works when you’re heading back to North America.