17 December 2009

Day 2: Starnberg

This will be a short entry, since this wasn’t a sight seeing day, but a family day. I won’t be able to regale you with historical anecdotes, or really much of anything that would interest my regular blog readers. I spent all of today with my sister during her daily life in Starnberg, the suburb of Munich where she lives. Today was a bit more hectic for her than normal because Diego was in a fitful and cranky mood most of the morning, and then a sudden burst of fury later in the afternoon.

The first stop was at the TVS, a gymnasium which has a toddler playgroup hour in the massive main gym, filled with equipment for the kids to unleash themselves. In the U.S., this sort of free-for-all would never occur because it practically begs for litigation. Laurent, Colleen’s brother-in-law, had told me previously that watching the kids play at this gym was similar to seeing a ninja-training camp in some B-movie. However, today was a more subdued group than usually, so I didn’t get the SPECTRE training camp experience I was hoping to witness . . . although the group “Troll Dance” at the end was a bizarre experience. (Sometimes, not understanding the language makes it more interesting.) Of course, watching my nephew play around with balls, plastic riding horses, trampolines, and giant sliding felt turtles (you read that correctly) is a great joy.
Later, I went with Colleen and Diego to the hospital where they attend a mother-and-infant sign language class. I picked up a few German words from their songs and singing phrases like “Das ist langsam, das ist schnell.”

Tomorrow I’ll be going back into Munich to hit some of the remaining four hundred museums I haven’t seen yet.