19 December 2009

Day 4: Starnberg

Nothing much to report today. I was originally supposed to go to Regensberg for a day trip, but the informal tour group meeting at Munich Central Station either wasn’t there or somehow hid itself very well from my searching up and down the platforms.

So instead, I spent the day with Colleen and Armin doing the preparations for the rest of the family to arrive in the evening: shopping and then cleaning the house. Actually, my prominent duty was watching over Diego so he wouldn’t find clever new ways to injure himself while Colleen and Armin were arranging the house. This, therefore, was the most tiring day on the trip so far, since Diego possesses insane amounts of energy, even for a sixteenth-month-old, and I spent most of the day running after him, hunched over to catch him or stop him from slamming into walls or the dog. I imagine most new parents have extremely rotten posture because of running around in the hunched-over pose.

The family arrived late due to the extreme confusion of renting a car at the Munich airport. Because all of us won’t fit in Colleen and Armin’s house, we’ve re-located to a rented vacation apartment a few blocks away. It’s pleasant in the white-walled and Spartan style of contemporary German interior design, although somebody forgot to install a phone.