20 December 2009

Day 5: Starnberg–Pecha

Sorry to keep repeating myself, but I’ve found that holiday-themed vacations turn mostly into family time, even in a place like Bavaria, so there isn’t much else to tell to the general audience of a blog. You don’t care much about the general doings of my family, and I don’t blame you.

Anyway . . .

After catching up on some much-needed sleep (I think I’m finally on schedule), I headed out with the rest of the family—which now totals eleven people—to one of the resort towns on Starberg Lake, Pecha. We ate in a private dining room on the top floor of Seestuben, one one the best restaurants here, which looks out over the lake. The lake only freezes along the edges during the winter, and during the summer the grass in front of the beach fills up with people. The empty floor of the upper room gave Diego plenty of room to play while the family ate. He loved watching out the window to catch sight of dogs (“wau wau” as he calls them) and flights of birds (“ga ga,” his imitation of their cawing).

Now we’re back in Starnberg, and Diego is running around the house with an early present from his grandmother (my mom), a roller device on a post that bounces balls around as he runs with it. He loves it—and I have an idea that soon his parents will hate it.