21 December 2009

Day 6: Munich

The most important event of today will appear on Black Gate as my regular Tuesday post. I hadn’t thought I would have a post up today for the website, but going to a Medieval-themed seasonal market seems appropriate to discuss on a fantasy website.

As to the part before getting to Mittelaltermarkt München, it was a lot of logistics getting to Munich with a sixteen-month-old. We couldn’t set out for the Christmas Markets until my brother arrived from his flight from the U.S., which was around 10 a.m. He’s already crashed for the evening at 7:30, which was exactly what happened to me on my first full day here.

However, I’m happy to report that today was the warmest day we’ve had in Germany so far. Snow had fallen during the night, piling up a fluffy three inches along fences and rails (and jamming up Frankfurt Airport), and the fall lasted until the late morning. Although this means massive amounts of black and brown sludge on the ground, it also means higher temperatures. This was the first time on the trip that I’ve felt completely comfortable walking outside without thinking about how much I want to go inside.

Once we arrived in Munich, I ended up for the third time in the Kaiserhof Christmas Market. The rest of the family wanted to see it. It was the first time I experienced a stronger holiday wine than Glühwein, the fiery Feuerzangenbowle, made from an Austrian 80% rum and set on fire before served.

We then went to the medieval market . . . and please see the Black Gate post for the rest of the info.