12 December 2009

Heading to Germany again

Hi folks . . . sorry if the blog has looked a touch sparse lately, but I’ve had a busy run of late that has cut into my movie- and book-reviewing time. Some positive reasons, some negative, but one of the positive reasons is that I’ve been prepping for my trip to Germany for the end of the year. I’m leaving Los Angeles on the 14th of this month and returning from Munich on the 28th. I’ll be spending the Solstice Season with my sister, her husband, and my nephew, who live in Starnberg, a suburb of Munich. I’m not exactly looking forward to the weather over there, but if I managed four years of college in Minnesota, I think I can handle two weeks of Alpine conditions.

The blog will get busy during the trip, since I’ll keep a running account of it as I did with my last two trips to Europe. I’ll probably have to miss a week of Black Gate posting, although I already finished the one for this coming Tuesday, and have it ready for auto-posting while I’m on the plane. Yes, another Conan pastiche novel review. I have plans to do some critiques of actual Robert E. Howard work when I get back—specifically, a close look at my favorite of his unfinished stories, “Wolves Beyond the Border”—and this insane idea of reviewing all the Star Trek feature films in order, one a week, excepting the recent one, which I’ve already gone over three times. I’ve watched all the James Bond films in order, one per week, but I’ve never done this for Trek . . . and it’s only ten films, much less than Bond.

However, this leads me to a profound conundrum: I own all the Trek films on DVD, but my copies of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek Generations are the first DVD releases, and neither are enhanced for widescreen TVs. Should I actually go purchase the newer discs? Should I spend another dime on Star Trek V? I don’t think I’m spoiling anything about future reviews if I say that this is the worst movie in the series. And Star Trek Generations doesn’t excite me in the least. Getting the new DVD for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country to replace the non-anamorphic one I bought originally was a no-brainer: I love that movie. But for these two minor-leaguers? I don’t know.

Anyway, expect to hear from me next coming to you from Bavaria, surrounded by too much Carl Orff music. Tempus est iocundum!