25 January 2010

Post-Birthday Cake: “Wolfshead” by Robert E. Howard

Friday was Robert E. Howard’s birthday, and now it’s mine (actually, in an hour and a half—but you’ll be reading this on the 26th, most likely). To celebrate, I’m doing a bit of clean-up on the notes I had written for my original post at Black Gate for Howard’s birthday, which I planned to be about the short story “Wolfshead.” I ended up writing about “The Fire of Asshurbanipal,” but I couldn’t let those notes go to waste, and so . . .

Here’s a post about the short story that was Robert E. Howard’s breakthrough.

I always do a shout out to people who share my birthday of January 26th. So first, to the people I know personally, happy birthday to Jason M. Waltz and Neil Figuracion.

Now, to all the “impersonal” ones: happy birthday to Paul Newman, Phillip José Farmer, Wayne Gretzky, Douglas MacArthur, Stephane Grappelli, Sal Buscema, Cameron Bright, Ellen DeGeneres, Jonathan Carroll, Gene Siskel, Angela Davis, Scott Glenn, Bob Uecker, Jules Feiffer, Roger Vadim, Maria von Trapp, József Pusztai, David Straithairn, and Eddie Van Halen.

I refused to wish a happy anything to Nicolae Ceauşescu. There’s always got to be somebody screwing up your birthday, right? (But those of you who were born on April 20th or December 18th understand that all too well. . . .)