18 January 2010

Regrets for the Bob Clampett John Carter of Mars

Right now, as I type this and most likely as you read it, a movie titled John Carter of Mars, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel A Princess of Mars, is in production. Not in development. Not in pre-production. Not in meetings. It is in front of cameras. Andrew Stanton, director of the brilliant CGI Pixar films Finding Nemo and WALL·E, is shooting John Carter of Mars from a script by Stanton, Michael Chabon, and Mark Andrews, in London this very minute, in this dimension, and it will reach theaters in 2012, in time for the novel’s one hundreth birthday.
Really. Honest and for true. It is actually happening.
And wonderful as this is, it’s also a time to mourn the lost John Carter project, the one that famous animator Bob Clampett almost directed in the 1930s . . . and the topic for today’s Black Gate post.
Read the rest of the joy and regret here.