01 January 2010

Welcome to 2010

2010: The Year We Make Contact . . . and Other Cold Remedies.

I attended LindyGroove’s massive New Years Eve party last night in Pasadena, a few blocks from where the Tournament of Roses Parade would rumble past in a few hours. The party went to 6 a.m. so all the late-night attendees could stroll out to watch the parade.

A nice idea, but with my lingering jet lag I knew there was no way I would ever make it that far. I got to party early, had a great time dancing and catching up with everybody’s holiday stories (after two weeks in Germany, it feels like I’ve been gone for a whole season), but had to call it an evening at 1 a.m. before the time lag made me too tired to drive home safely.

Here’s some photos of last night’s festivities: