15 February 2010

Movie review: The Wolfman

“Horrible things, Lawrence. You’ve done horrible things.”

But you done a pretty good werewolf film.

Yes indeed, I enjoyed The Wolfman, this week’s re-make of the Universal classic The Wolf Man. Despite all its production and post-production problems, the flick came through as old-fashioned Victorian horror that a fellow like me can really embrace. I can truly love the beast. It has problems, but I’m cutting it slack for sheer entertainment value.

My full review of the film is posted at Black Gate.

I like that the two versions have slightly different titles, making them easy to differentiate without using a date after the name. It’s annoying having to write The Mummy (1932), The Mummy (1959), and The Mummy (1999), for example. And Let’s not get started on Dracula.

The Wolfman pulled in about $36 million for the holiday, better than expected for a film with such turbulence surrounding it. I hope this keeps Universal on track reviving their great monsters. I desperately want that Guillermo del Toro Frankenstein movie! (After The Hobbit, of course.)