07 March 2010

Bruce Wayne Is Batman Is Solomon Kane!

The Source has revealed the upcoming covers by Andy Kubert to the DC miniseries Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne. The six-issue series will have Bruce Wayne return to the role of Batman after the events of Batman R.I.P. turned him into a caveman and put Dick Grayson under the cowl. It’s complicated, and I haven’t really been following Batman in comics recently, so I can’t give you a detailed explanation of this. Nonetheless, the idea of “Batman” coming up through the ages in different history periods is intriguing. Especially after I saw the cover to issue #2:
Solomon Kane-ing a bit, aren’t we?

Of course we are. Author Grant Morrison is the sort of man who would know Solomon Kane and Robert E. Howard extremely well. He’s said that each issue will be a take on a different “pulp hero” genre. I think that closes the case. This is going to be Grant Morrison’s Solomon Kane.

I may not read any other issue of Return of Bruce Wayne, but I may well read this one. And possibly report on it in Black Gate.

Issue #1 comes out in May.