22 March 2010

Chris Evans is Captain America

So speaks The Hollywood Reporter, “Sources tell us the actor has not only accepted Marvel’s offer, first detailed on Friday, but that the dealmaking moved so fast it’s now all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.”

The actor being Chris Evans, and Marvel’s offer being the role of Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Come on, would you turn that down? Of course he accepted the offer!

As Evans was strongly said to be in final talks with Marvel for the part a few days ago, I think we can now safely assume that Hugo Weaving will indeed play the Red Skull, as he is in the same position with the company. (And director Joe Johnston wants him to play the part.)

I’m excited about this. I had fears of Marvel lousing up the Cap casting with some of the uncharismatic and un-Cap choices they were tossing about during the last month, but I think Evans can pull it off. Hugo Weaving will help, of course. Let’s hope the script can give them both something interesting to do, and we’ll have the movie Cap fans have hoped for through decades.

Update: It is 100% official for Evans. Weaving still “in talks.” Whatever. He’s the Skull. (And that is now official as well.)