24 March 2010

My story “The Last Refuge of Piyamaradu" will be in Roar of the Crowd

I received some great writing news last week. Actually, two great pieces of news. However, I’ve held off on revealing them on my blog until the other sides made their official announcements. One was made about an hour ago, so I can finally spill it on my blog. (I’m afraid to tell you that the second item of news I still have to hold back on for a few days. I hope you can endure the suspense. I’m going crazy, but I imagine you’ll hold out.)

So here it is: my story “The Last Refuge of Piyamaradu” will be published in the Rogue Blades Entertainment anthology Roar of the Crowd later this year. It’s a cornucopia of 150,000 words of heroic fantasy based on ancient sporting events, edited by Jason M. Waltz. And you’ll be able to order it through Amazon.com and other fine online retailers.
“The Last Refuge of Piyamaradu” is a story I’ve wanted to write for ages: a tale of the Hittite Empire in the late Bronze Age. Because I have this inexplicable thing about the Hittites. The sporting event is chariot racing, and it happens during an historical event that may have connections to the actual Trojan War. I put a lot of research behind this, and I’m very proud of the results. I hope my readers will enjoy it as well.

Here is the table of contents that Jason has released on the RBE website. This is more or less random order; I have no idea what the eventual order will be, as these things take careful consideration to create the right flow and balance.
  • Foreword by Michael Ehart
  • “Mbogo Returns” by Milton Davis
  • “Carcass and Mallet” by Ty Johnston
  • “Race to Dragonhead Rock” by Bill Ward
  • “For the Light” by Gustavo Bondoni
  • “Spirit of the Maya” by Robert Waters
  • “Winter’s Game” Kate Martin
  • “The Last Refuge of Piyamaradu” by Ryan Harvey
  • “Up the Gladiators!” by David Bischoff
  • “Panathenaic” by Bruce Durham
  • “Naumachia Magic” by Alva Roberts
  • “Hard Crossing at Luhinmov Ford” by Adrian Simmons
  • “Love and Revolution” Jeff Draper
  • “The Turul Spreads its Wings” by Boglárka Takács
  • “Whispers of the Goddess” by David J. West
  • “Ulemet’s Wager” by Lyn Perry
  • “The Dream Horn” by Howard Andrew Jones
  • “Shini-tai” by C.L. Werner
There are some friends of this blog in the anthology with me, people whose acquaintance I’ve made through these here electronic transmissions. Bill Ward helped me proof and clean up “The Last Refuge of Piyamaradu,” so it’s great to share the contents with his story “Race to Dragonhead Rock.” I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it will be terrific; I’ve read plenty of Bill’s work. I’m also honored to be sharing a table of contents with Howard Andrew Jones, managing editor of Black Gate and a man who has been generous with his time in helping my own writing career. I guarantee you that when my first novel gets published, Howard will get the dedication. It’s the least I can do. I’m also thrilled to see I’ll be in the same book with David J. West and Bruce Durham.

Roar of the Crowd will be published late in the year, post-September some time. Be assured, I’ll keep you up to date with ordering info. Annoyingly so.

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