04 May 2010

Hugo Weaving is officially The Red Skull

About time, Marvel.

I’ve known since early March, along with all the rest of fandom, that Hugo Weaving would play the Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. Marvel has finally provided official confirmation that Weaving will be playing the most famous of all Cap’s villains. The press release also confirms that this will be the “Johann Schmidt” version of the Red Skull who was developed in the Silver Age (although he wouldn’t get that alter ego name until the 1980s). Not a surprise there, either, since this is the best-known incarnation of the Red Skull, the youth whom Adolf Hitler himself personally trained as the ultimate Nazi spy and symbol of terror.

The Captain America cast roster is now quite full: Chris Evans as Cap/Steve Rogers, Hugo Weaving as Mr. R. Skull/Johann Schmidt, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, and Sebastian Shaw as Bucky Barnes (and future Winter Soldier?).

Mark your calendars: Cap arrives next year on July 22.

Although my favorite Red Skull get-up is his Hugo Boss SS uniform (with Mauser in hand), I had to post a Jack Kirby illustration for the character. Kirby is Cap’s greatest artist, and when I think of the Red Skull, I always see Kirby’s rendition first in my mind.