03 June 2010

I am a winner in The Writers of the Future Contest!

Here it is folks, the big news. Biggest writing news I’ve ever received.

I am one of the winners of The Writers of the Future Contest!

Here is the official press release.

The contest, which is now going into its twenty-seventh year, is one of the most prestigious in the fantasy and science-fiction publishing world. Many of its winners have gone on to careers as novelists and have won multiple Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards.

So, as you might imagine, I’m sort of excited about this.

From the thousand or so entries submitted each quarter, three stories are selected by the celebrity author judges as the winners. These stories, along with the winners from the other three quarters, will appear in a major anthology the following year, and each story receives an illustration from one of the winners of the sister-contest, The Illustrators of the Future. The Writers of the Future collections are among the best selling of SF&F anthologies in history—the exposure is amazing for a writer at the beginning of a career. The winners are also honored at a lavish awards ceremony in Hollywood and get to attend an intensive week-long workshop taught by members of the judging panel.

However, I’ve got more than a year to wait before the anthology and the ceremony: August 2011. I’ve been invited to attend this year’s ceremony, honoring last year’s winners, so I can see what the event is like. I’m definitely going. (It’s only a fifteen-minute drive with good traffic and sounds like a great party.)

As for the story itself, it’s a tale of Ahn-Tarqa, my science-fantasy setting that I’ve developed over the past three years . . . and which is turning into something of my obsession. It’s also getting recognition. Look for two other Ahn-Tarqa stories to eventually appear in Black Gate. I’ll keep you up informed on those dates, and of course the publication date for Writers of the Future Volume XXII.

Going to go buy some champagne now for a celebration weekend!