16 August 2010

Feathers on the Waves

Today at Black Gate I’ve gone on a little personal journey to look at how I discovered the world of Greek mythology, and consequently the world of “Great Storytelling.” Amazingly, this isn’t about Clash of the Titans. That was the event that made me a faithful student of the Hellenic legends, but it wasn’t my first encounter with them. My earliest memory of any story from the Greek cycles is that of the fate of Icarus.

Beware, I’m going to quote Ovid.

Read the article here.

I promise, by the way, to eventually post something else here aside from Black Gate article. I’m so busy with working on revising my novel and turning out new short stories that I have had to sacrifice the blog somewhat. I miss it, and once I can work out a better schedule or learn how to manage my time better (both may be impossible) I’ll get more than one post up a week.