18 October 2010

Nazgûl Should Read the Fine Print

It’s been a long week and longer weekend of some serious work. Now I need a break, so I finally gave in and made one of my own “de-motivational” posters. This one is just for Tolkien fans:
I wonder if there are any manufactures of “real” motivational posters anymore. I remember seeing them at the last business I worked at (for six horrible years), but anyone who manufactures this bilge now must have to do it with their tongue pretty much buried in their cheek.

Anyway, the Lord of the Nazgûl wouldn’t have had this problem if he wasn’t so sexist and unable to realize that “. . . and not by the hand of man will he fall” didn’t mean the whole human race. Just men. As in, “males of the species.” Chauvinist loser.