14 October 2010

Next quarter of Writers of the Future winners announced

I’m obviously quite interested in seeing who else will be sharing The Writers of the Future, Vol. XXII with me. Until today, only the first three had been announced. But now, the winners of the second quarter are unveiled:
  • 1st Place: Patty Jansen of New South Wales, Australia
  • 2nd Place: Ben Mann of West Australia
  • 3rd Place: Van Aaron Hughes of Colorado
As you can see, some sort of karmic geographical balancing has taken place here. Last quarter, two of the winners (Brennan and I) were from sunny California, America’s Vacation Paradise, only a sort drive from where the Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony and the writing seminar are held. Now, we shift across the globe to two winners who will need a—what, seventeen hour flight?—to get over here. Patty has never even been to the U.S. before, according to her.

I’m thrilled that I won the contest, but I’m not going to get the globe hopping experience here, will I? Just Hollywood traffic. And if you’ve ever experienced that, you might think a flight from New South Wales much more relaxing.

Anyway, congratulations to Patty, Ben, and (semi-local) Van. See you at the seminar.