11 November 2010

NaNoWriMo Update: Day 10

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month, Day 10. Or, for me, National Short Story Writing Month.

The progress so far: I’m a bit over 35,000 words and into my fifth story. According to NaNoWriMo’s on-site calculations—a great new feature added this year—if I maintain my current pace, I will cross 50,000 words on November 15. This puts me close to schedule for my last two NaNos: in ‘08 I crossed 50,000 on November 17, and last year I crossed it on November 13. In both those cases, I continued long after until I finished my novel, ending both around 80,000 words.

This year, however, because I’m working on shorter pieces, I’ll end not long after 50,000 mark, whenever my story that crosses the finish line chooses to wrap-up. And I can guarantee it will be the one I started one today, since it is plotted as a novella, I my judgment based on the outline is that it will go around 20,000 words.

So, it appears that my tally of short fiction for NaNoWriMo (uh, NaShoStoWriMo) will be five works: two short stories (under 7000 words), two novelettes (7000–15,000 words), and one novella (15,000+).

One of the reasons that I’ll feel satisfied with stopping once I’ve gone past 50,000 is that I need to do some immediate revision on some of the stories to prepare them for anthologies with deadlines. I’ll spend the end of November doing important re-writing, and it will go into early December. I also decided today to attend LOSCON, a Los Angeles convention for steampunk, SF noir, and urban fantasy that takes places the November 26–28. I’m already itching to get back to a convention, and this one is a twenty-minute drive for me and costs only $45 registration, so why not?

All right, onwards with the novella. I’ve wanted to write this particular story for over a year, but fear of the “touch sell” novella length held me back. To Hades with that, now—I want to write, I’m going to write. Oh, I already am writing. Too late, now I’m committed. (Seriously, I do have some specific plans for it.)

Back as new breaks.