23 February 2011

Writers of the Future, Vol. XXVII: All the Writers

So . . . we have an anthology! And an award ceremony date!

With the release of the three winners of the fourth quarter of the Twenty-Seventh Writer’s of the Future Contest, all twelve writers are now in place. Here are the twelve writers whose winning stories will appear in this year’s anthology (Vol. XXVII), listed in alphabetical order. I’ve included the story titles where I know them.

  • David D’Amico, “Vector Victoria”
  • Brennan Harvey, “The Truth from a Lie of Convenience”
  • Ryan Harvey, “An Acolyte of Black Spires”
  • Van Aaron Hughes, “The Dualist”
  • Patty Jansen
  • Richard Johnson
  • Keffy R. M. Kehrli
  • Geir Lanesskog
  • Jeffrey Lyman
  • Ben Mann
  • Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Adam Perin

The global distribution on this one is rather interesting—heavy emphasis on Australia (three winners) and the U.S. West Coast (five winners, two from Seattle, the rest from California).

But, for proximity to the Award Ceremony and the Workshop, I have that locked up. A fifteen-minute drive. Four people get international trips. I have Hollywood traffic.

The awards ceremony will be held on May 15 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (same place as last year). I’ll provide online streaming data for you all when the time comes so you can watch the ceremony and hear me give a silly speech.