18 May 2011

Watch now: Writers of the Future Ceremony

Here it is, the complete broadcast of the Twenty-Seventh Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards, held at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood on 15 May 2011. The following video contains the part of the ceremony where I and Fred Jordan receive our awards, and it starts with the interpretive dance for my story “An Acolyte of Black Spires.”
Of course I encourage you to watch the whole ceremony—embeded below—since there are many wonderful moments throughout. Brennan Harvey, my “adopted brother,” is particularly moving, and illustrator M. O. Muriel gave the funniest speech of the evening!
I took some video captures of the streaming. Later I’ll have the official professional photographs that were taken the event. Photos after the jump.

Here is the lovely and talented Chelsea Meredith performing as my character Hallett in the dance choreographed by Liz Baybak of Dance Makers, Inc. in Florida.
The dance continues as Hallett swirls up the aerial silk to remove Quarl’s mask and embrace him. (This is where I emotionally lost it in the audience.)
Here I am at the podium, trying to keep it together—one of most emotional moments of my life.
Finally, here’s a color detail from Fred Jordan’s illustration to “An Acolyte of Black Spires,” showing Quarl in the foreground and Hallett in the background. The original is larger and taller, and when I get a good representation of the whole image, I’ll post it.
(Yes, it is currently my banner for the website. Wouldn’t you put it up there?)