16 June 2011

Welcome Axel Dean Martin

Every once in a while, you will have to encounter a personal life post on this website. They are reserved for very special occasions. Like the birth of my new nephew.

Early this morning (German time), 16 June 2011, my sister Colleen Martin gave birth to her second child, Axel Dean Martin, in a hospital in Munich.

Here’s the first photo I’ve received of Axel:
About the name: No doubt you’ve noticed the “Dean Martin” part. This isn’t completely out of nowhere, because my father’s name is “Dean,” my middle name is “Dean,” and my sister’s middle name is “Deana.” When my sister married a man with the last name “Martin,” I certainly wasn’t the only one who thought, “Wow, I hope they continue the tradition and name their boy ‘Dean’! It’s too perfect.” However, they named their first child “Diego Kai Martin.” But for this child, they finally gave into the double pressure of “Dean,” but not far enough to make it the first name. Nonetheless, there it is: the child’s name is partially “Dean Martin.” (I’m glad nobody in the family is named “Steve.”)

What about the first name, “Axel”? In the U.S., we associate that name either with the lead singer of Guns and Roses (not one of my favorite people) or the main character in Beverly Hills Cop and the connected Harold Faltemeyer hit instrumental. However, “Axel” is currently a very popular name in Germany. It is related to two other German names, “Apsel” and “Aksel,” which, according to my invaluable Character Naming Sourcebook, all mean “father of peace.” A translation that certainly doesn’t match the two famous “Axel”s of the U.S.

Nonetheless, “Dean Martin” sort of overwhelms everything else, so I am declaring my nickname for him as “Dino.” I hope he grows to love Martinis.

Interesting fact: Dino missed by one day being born on his parents’ wedding anniversary.

People with whom Dino shares a birthday, in no particular order: Adam Smith, John Cho, Tupac Shakur, Arnold Voosloo, Murray Leinster (yeah!), Sultan Murad IV, Stan Laurel, Enoch Powell, Faith Domergue, Vilmos Zsigmond (cool, huh?), Jim Dine, Joyce Carol Oates, Gino Vanelli, and Geronimo—An American Legend.™