13 July 2011

The “Acolyte of Black Spires” dance—with optional soundtrack!

I should have posted this a bit earlier, but Author Services did a break-down of the complete Writers of the Future 2011 Ceremony into individual videos, so you no longer have to speed through to a specific point to view my segment of the evening.

Click play, and you’ll go directly to the interpretive dance for “An Acolyte of Black Spires,̦” followed by me blubbering on stage.

Now here’s some geek fun. I like to play the track “Final Dream” from the Dune score by Toto over the dance. It fits perfectly to the dance’s movements, and it’s also a piece of music on my “Ahn-Tarqa” mix that I use as inspiration when writing about the continent. I’ve always associated the theme with the Shapers. If you want to synch up the two, start playing the video below of “Final Dream,” and at the 0:10 mark, begin the video for the dance above (with its sound turned off).