01 October 2011

“Foolish Mortals” Publication Date: October 19

I woke up this morning to the alarm sound of “Danse Macabre,” the National Anthem of the Month of October. It is now officially The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. (Songwriters Eddie Pola and George Wyle got confused while writing the lyrics for their October celebration song for Andy Williams and referred to December for some reason. December? Do they know how cold it is in December? Andy Williams should have caught that and made them re-write the song.)

I will also have my first October-released work of fiction, since Every Day Fiction has slated my story “Foolish Mortals” to appear on the site on October 19. Nineteen days from purchase to publication . . . I like that sort of speed.

Happy October, everyone. May all your pumpkins turn out ghoulish, and may your Universal Horror Movie parties all be drunken successes with as few young girls tossed in the lake as possible. (At least one is acceptable, however.)