15 January 2012

“Farewell to Tyrn” Is Now Available

My first original ebook, the novelette Farewell to Tyrn, is now on sale. This is a new story of Ahn-Tarqa, a “sister story” for my Writers of the Future-winning “An Acolyte of Black Spires.”

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If you don’t have an e-reader, Smashwords has it available in a PDF and for on-screen reading.
From the Product Description:

“Harvey conjures his fantastic settings with sparkling, evocative prose narrated at a crackling pace. Watch this guy.” —Howard Andrew Jones, author of Desert of Souls

On the continent of Ahn-Tarqa, where science and magic are one, and humans share the land with great saurians, all races have in common a dreadful ailment: the disease known as “The Sorrow.” A lingering hopelessness with no cure. A fear of life itself.

But for twelve-year-old Belde, her days in the city of Tyrn, playing in the streets with her whip-smart dinosaur pet Rint, seem far removed from the Sorrow she sees in others. Then, one burning summer day, cruel sorcerers from the masked race known as "The Shapers" slither from their black towers into Tyrn and knock on the door of the workshop of Belde's father.

Belde is about to drop into a nightmare that will carry her and Rint across the city, fleeing from the Shapers' twisted killers, and into the glaring light of the truth about her life—a truth that echoes over all Ahn-Tarqa with the sound of the word “Sorrowless.”

Ryan Harvey, winner of the Writers of the Future Award, continues the adventure in the science-fantasy setting of his story “An Acolyte of Black Spires” with this new novelette of action, heartbreak, and discovery.