26 February 2012

84th Academy Awards Live Tweet

People may have noticed that, while I did extensive blogging about last years’ Oscars, I’ve done almost nothing this year. Actually, this post is really it. Sorry, I have been 1) very busy, and 2) not as interested in this year’s awards. There were many films I loved this year, and my favorite, Hugo, is up for Best Picture. But taken as a whole, the nominations this year do not excite me the same way as last year. And there are two Best Picture nominees I haven’t even seen (yet): Extremely Loud and Incredible Close and War Horse. It just wasn’t a year for me to spend a huge amount of time writing blog posts about the Oscars. Maybe next year.

And… I will have my list of my personal favorite movies of 2011 up soon. One divorced from whatever occurs tonight.

However, I will be doing a Twitter commentary live during the ceremony, starting at 4 p.m. PST. Here’s the link. The hashtag is #RHOscars. Please enjoy responsibly.

Hugo for the upset! But I know The Artist will win, so never mind. I’m one of the few who was not wowed with The Artist, and that may be because I see a lot of silent films, including a recent wave of retro-silents, and so the novelty doesn’t strike me as much.