02 April 2012

German–Italian Interregnum

Greetings from Germany!

I am currently on a two-week trip to Munich and Northern Italy (Bolzano and Verona), accompanying my parents. We’re here principally to see my sister Colleen, who lives here with her husband Armin and her two sons, Diego (almost four years old) and Axel (almost one year old). I’m still recovering from a terrible cold that slammed me hard this week, but waking up this first morning here it seems to be finally on the subdued side.

My previous trips to Europe received extensive day-by-day blog coverage. I don’t think I’ll manage as much this time, but I will try to post visits to major sites when I can. Amazingly, for someone who has loved ancient Roman history and the Latin language for so long, I have never been to Italy or visited a single Roman ruin. I’ll probably break down in tears of joy when I see Verona’s legendary amphitheater, the third largest one in existence.

Sure, I would love to get down to Rome, but it won’t happen this trip—we have two small children in the group, so travel from Munich will suffer some limitations.

Today is mostly an adjustment day for us. My parents and I are staying in a pleasant basement apartment below where Colleen and Armin’s apartment. They live in Starnberg, a pleasant suburb of Munich where people like to take day trips during the summer to visit its lake.