02 February 2013

“The Black Cat on the Feast of the Eclipse” Is Now on Sale in Beyond Centauri

It’s Groundhog Day, campers. And Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning—only the seventeenth prediction of an early spring since he went in for weather forecasting in 1887. Perhaps Bill Murray will wake up tomorrow and find that it is indeed tomorrow.

And since it is one of the most joyous days of the year (especially if you live in Los Angeles and “Early Spring” is mostly a meaningless phrase), it’s the right moment to announce that issue #39 of Beyond Centauri is now available, featuring as its lead story “The Black Cat on the Feast of the Eclipse”, my fantasy novelette for the ages nine and up.

Go here to purchase the issue in print or as a PDF.

“The Black Cat of the Feast of the Eclipse” arose from my love of Halloween and my adoration of the children’s books of Edith Nesbit (Five Children and It, The Enchanted Castle). I so enjoyed writing this story that I expanded it into a full middle-grade novel, The Black Cat of the Moon Castle, which I soon hope to announce has a publisher. (Here’s my original announcement of the novelette sale.)

This story had another major impact on my life: it forced me to stop stalling and go adopt a black cat of my own. Cassandra “Cassie” Cornell Harvey came to live with me on 6 November 2012, and she has done a superb job of living up to her fictional role model, the nameless hero of “The Black Cat on the Feast of the Eclipse.” She hasn’t fought goblins yet, but she’s young. Give her time.