19 February 2013

The Oakdale Affair Is the 3000th Post at Black Gate

Another blogging milestone… and this time I had no idea I was contributing.

When I placed my article on The Oakdale Affair up on the Black Gate website this morning, I had no idea that it was the 3,000th article to go on the website. Of course, I don’t have access to the full information about how many articles have appeared on the site (or maybe I do and I’ve never explored it) so I would never have known this if editor John O’Neill hadn’t posted about it later today. It came as stunning news, this realization of how large and influential Black Gate’s blog has grown. A few controversies have even grown out of it, but none thankfully because of anything I’ve written.

In January I got the glowing news from John O’Neill that my article on A Princess of Mars had received the highest hits of any post during a single month on the site. I don’t expect this record to hold for long, since traffic for Black Gate continues to grow at an astonishing rate, but it was a powerful feeling to know that my opinion on one of my favorite writers was reaching so many people across the world.

This marks four-and-half years of the Black Gate blog. I was one of the original seven weekly bloggers. The others were David Soyka, Judith Berman, E. E. Knight, James Enge, Scott Oden, and Bill Ward. I am now the last of the group who still posts regularly (I miss a week here and there, although I try to stay steady), which may simply be because the others got more successful and busy than me. I tend to stay in one place; I’ve been in the same apartment since 1998.

Thank you again to John O’Neill and Howard Andrew Jones for inviting me on the Black Gate longboat. May it sail until it reaches Valhalla!