29 April 2013

“The Hanging Gardener” to Appear in Plasma Frequency

More good publishing news rolls in… this one with a slice of Nebuchadnezzar.

I received word today that my short dark fantasy story “The Hanging Gardener” will appear in an upcoming issue of Plasma Frequency Magazine, which publishes in both print and eBook formats and is now going on its second year of publication.

“The Hanging Garnder” is an H. P. Lovecraft-influenced tale, or perhaps I should say it is a “Mythos-influenced” horror tale, since it draws on other members of the Lovecraft circle. I always planned to write a Mythos story from the time I started reading HPL in college, but I wasn’t interested in simply imitating Lovecraft. When I latched onto the idea of setting a story in the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, I realized I had finally found the slant necessary to make a story that fit my own writing style and historical interests. I wrote the first draft of it during NaNoWriMo, part of a flurry of multiple stories, but it was my personal favorite work to have come out of that November writing marathon.

No definite date is set for the issue yet. I’ll keep everyone up to date when I know more.

Thank you to editor Richard Flores IV for accepting the story.