26 April 2013

“The Sorrowless Thief” Reviewed at Tangent Online

John Sulyok at Tangent Online has given a positive review of my recently published Ahn-Tarqa story, “The Sorrowless Thief” (read the story for free here).

From the conclusion of the review:
Ryan Harvey’s “The Sorrowless Thief” exists as part of a larger science-fantasy series. The world of Dyzan includes few guns and many (magically) tamed dinosaur beasts situated in the usual tropes of fantasy. These surrounding details thicken the setting and the plot, adding a lot of intrigue to the events herein. It feels like a good entry-point if the series continues.
Good news there, John: it already has continued! You can read “An Acolyte of Black Spires” in Writers of the Future Vol. XXVII, and get the novelette “Farewell to Tyrn” as an ebook right now. Dive in, folks… let’s get some publishers chomping at the dinosaur bit to hold of the novel Turn over the Moon.

Thanks to John O’Neill for posting about Tangent’s taking notice.