25 July 2013

“The Invasion Will Be Alphabetized” to Appear in Stupefying Stories

Now that I’ve signed the contract, I can announce that my humorous science-fiction short story “The Invasion Will Be Alphabetized” is set to appear in the popular e-magazine Stupefying Stories. No word yet on which issue it will appear in, but of course I’ll give an update when I know.

The story’s title was influenced by Gil Scott-Heron’s famous song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” although the actual story has nothing to do with the late Mr. Scott-Heron’s work. The inspiration for this odd piece of near-future comedy was twofold: 1) a visit I made to JPL in 2011; 2) a mix-up regarding overpriced Jack Daniels at a ritzy hotel. Story inspiration often arises come from odd combinations.

(By the way, I won the fight against the hotel’s attempt to rip me off for $500. How? I wrote a polite, professional, but firm letter to the CEO of the hotel company in New York explaining the situation. He told the hotel to get its act together. The power of clear, forceful writing!)

I personally believed the story was too weird to actually sell to any publication… so let that be yet another to all writers to not second-guess yourself. Go ahead and write the damn thing, no matter how strange it may seem.