17 October 2013

The Blog Silence—It Was a Good Thing

Hey everybody, I’m back from my blogging vacation. I have an explanation, and it’s a positive one.

I got a new job. And for the first time in fifteen years, I moved.

It wasn’t an enormous geographical re-location: I moved from West Los Angeles to Costa Mesa in Orange County. There’s a fifty-minute drive between the two (in good traffic). Nonetheless, it was still a major operation, and since I’ve lived in Los Angeles since I was four years old, it was a significant mental shift. Orange County isn’t much like Los Angeles County, even though they’re side-by-side.

Despite the difficulties I had with moving out of my long-time hometown, I’ve benefited tremendously in other ways. I now have a steady job with regular hours and good pay—and it’s a writing job. Yes, I nailed down a day job where I spend all day doing nothing but writing. It isn’t fiction, unfortunately; I haven’t struck that gold vein yet. The work is for a marketing company. I handle writing the web content for our clients, along with three other writers. The company’s offices are located in the middle of Irvine’s commercial district, two blocks from the massive Irvine Spectrum Center. It’s not a dream job, but it’s better than any day job I’ve held in the last ten years.

I’ve also moved into an apartment far nicer than my Century City digs. I have actual space now—and I didn’t realize how much I mentally needed it. My former apartment was located in a great location, but the apartment itself was cramped, ancient, and horribly insulated. My copious piles of books crawled across the floor to find room, and the air conditioner wheezed and huffed to cool the space down to “barely tolerable.” The new apartment doesn’t feel oppressive, so even in the less engaging environs (how many Subway sandwich places can congregate in one neighborhood?) I have a much sunnier attitude. And the apartment complex has a pool!

Now that things have settled down after a month and a half of adjustments and shifting and heavy boxes sagging from the weight of tomes of knowledge and schlocky adventure, I hope to get the blog active once more. I enjoy writing my posts, and didn’t like that keeping the blog updated had to drop to such a low priority during the last two months.