25 September 2013
The next Ahn-Tarqa story, “Stand at Dubun-Geb,” is now up to read for free at Black Gate.

24 September 2013
I have completed by move from Century City to Costa Mesa, crossing the Orange Curtain from Los Angeles into Orange County. This is the first time I’ve moved in fifteen years, so it’s all a bit intimidating. But I have a spacious and relaxing place to live, and so far the day job as a marketing writer has worked out well for me.

26 August 2013
After a few years of irregular employment and general fear about money, I started today on the first solid full-time job since 2009 when vile old PFGBest started its collapse because of the corruption of its president. I now work for a marketing firm in Irvine. And here’s the great news: it’s a writing job. I’m responsible for the web content for our many clients. I no longer have to put disclaimers around my identification as a “professional writer.”

8 April 2013
A new Ahn-Tarqa story, “The Sorrowless Thief”, is available to read free online at Black Gate. This is actually the first one written, so it reveals some of the earliest ideas that went into the setting and helped shape it.

26 January 2013
You can now order Issue #38 of Beyond Centauri (or download the PDF) containing my children’s story “The Black Cat on the Feast of the Eclipse.”

22 January 2013
Announcing the pending release of my first nonfiction book, Mars and Beyond: Edgar Rice Burroughs Reviewed. The eBook will be free, but feel free to donate!

22 April 2012
My fantasy novelette for all ages, “The Black Cat of the Feast of the Eclipse, has been accepted for publication in the January 2013 issue of Beyond Centauri.

15 January 2012
It’s here! “Farewell to Tyrn” is now available on all e-reader platforms. Go here for how to purchase.

13 January 2012
Only two more days before the official release of my novelette “Farewell to Tyrn”! It will be available in a Kindle edition from Amazon and in all other e-reader formats from Smashwords.

16 November 2011
I have posted my schedule for LOSCON 38, happening next weekend at the LAX Mariott.

28 October 2011
I have started work putting together my first original ebook publication, the novelette “Farewell to Tyrn” (the companion piece to “An Acolyte of Black Spires”). Fred Jordan will provide the cover illustration. This is my first voyage into self-epubbing, and it seems appropriate to enter this arena with a story in which I have great confidence.

19 October 2011
“Foolish Mortals” is now up at Every Day Fiction.

11 October 2011
Innsmouth Free Press has posted an interview with me regarding “The Shredded Tapestry.”

10 October 2011
I will appear on several panels at this year’s LOSCON. I’ll have a schedule for when everything is finalized.

20 September 2011
Candle in the Attic Window is now available! Buy the book version here, or get the Kindle edition. 

6 September 2011
Candle in the Attic Window will be released on September 20th. Pre-order sale available at 20% discount. 

27 May 2011
The Table of Contents for Candle in the Attic Window are now up online. My horror story, “The Shredded Tapestry,” will debut there in September.

20 May 2011
Writers of the Future Vol. XXVII available now from Galaxy Press!
Features my story “An Acolyte of Black Spires,” with an illustration by Fred Jordan.